Founded in 1985, the ADL is a Brazilian company with a tradition in equipment for plastic processing and recycling.

We are a company in constant search for new technologies that can add value to our equipment.

Innovation, productivity and quality at the lowest price; this is what makes the ADL able to offer the best solutions to its customers with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

Located in Botucatu, São Paulo state, in an industrial area of 13,000 m², we have trained professionals and advanced equipment to offer the very best in the market for our clients, both in Brazil and abroad.

The ADL is always present at major industry trade shows in Brazil.

Besides metallurgy, ADL offers recycling services and also composted and recycled resins for all purposes: injection, blow molding and extrusion; processed with our manufacturing equipment and automated process.

Here is our invitation for a visit. We will be glad to serve you and show you quality solutions in extrusion and recycling.

ADL Automação e Reciclagem
Rua Lurdes Tonelli Bassetto, 59 - Domingos Lopes - CEP 18608-855
Botucatu/SP - Brasil - Fone +55(14)3815.1761

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“To offer high quality products with higher degree of confidence than those offered by competitors in Brazil and worldwide”.




Innovation to serve our customers;
Transparency, integrity and ethics with clients and suppliers;
Commitment with security and environment.



ADL offers solutions to plastic industry in machines and equipment. Its quality policy is supported on the following points:

Customer´s satisfaction by answering its requests;
Fast Answers;
Training employees;
Continuous improvement.


More About Our Company

ADL Automation and Recycling
Street Lurdes Tonelli Bassetto, 59
Domingos Lopes - CEP 18608-855
Botucatu/SP - Brasil
Phone +55(14)3815.1761
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.