The ADL extruders are manufactured with quality materials and components, providing reliability, good performance, and durability.

Indicated for the processing and recycling of various types of polymers: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, SAN, PA, PET etc.

For outputs from 50 kg / h up to 1000 kg / h, with or without degassing, check the table below which model fits your need.


ADL-60 60 MM 25 A 34 3 A 4 50 a 90
ADL-75 75 MM 25 A 34 4 A 5 70 a 140
ADL-90 90 MM 25 A 34 4 A 6 120 a 200
ADL-100 100 MM 25 A 34 5 A 6 200 a 300
ADL-120 120 MM 25 A 34 5 A 6 300 a 600
ADL-150 150 MM 25 A 34 5 A 7 600 a 1.000

Obs: Output numbers may vary according to the type and quality of raw material.


The forced feeding extruders are suitable for film processing, eliminating the use of agglomerators and without the need of pre-grinding, providing great savings in energy consumption.

Extruder feeding is made through a belt conveyor and continuous compactor is coupled to the extruder.



The cascade system is perfect for companies working with polymers that generate many gases in the extrusion process, particularly laminated and printed films.



Twin Screw Extruders with high homogenization of opening barrel option for cleaning and color change.

Ideal for compounds and masterbatches.

With capacity from 5 to 1,500 kg / h.


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