Single Screw Extruders

ADL extruders are manufactured with quality materials and components, for outputs from 50 kg / h to 1,000 kg / h, with or without degassing, they are indicated for the processing of different types of polymers and compounds.

Cascade Extruders

The cascade extrusion system is indicated for the processing of polymers that generate many gases during their plasticization, especially printed films.

Forced Feed Extruders

ADL extruders with forced feeding are indicated for the processing of films or materials with low volumetric density, eliminating the use of agglomerators.

Underwater Pelletizer

O granulador corte na cabeça ADL é uma solução indispensável para agregar valor ao produto, automatizar o processo e diminuir custos operacionais. Proporciona ainda diversas outras vantagens como: diminuição de perdas com quebras, trocas de tela sem paradas, grãos em formato esférico e redução do espaço físico utilizado.

Strand Pelletizers

ADL underwater pelletizers are characterized by the reliability and the long life of their rotors without sharpening.

Hydraulic Screen-Changer

ADL hydraulic filter-change line is made up of several sizes that can be adapted to extrusion systems for sheets, tubes, multifilaments, films etc.

Continuous Screen-Changer

The ADL continuous filter-changer allows the exchange of screens without interrupting the flow of the polymer.

Spaghetti Dryer

The ADL spaghetti dryer is a device used to assist the drying of spaghetti from the bathtub before reaching the strand pelletizer.

Bagging Scale

The ADL bagging scale is built with carbon or stainless steel silo, a practical and safe alternative to automate the bagging process. It can be mechanical or electronic.


Tank with screw conveyor to automate the extrusion line feeding. Equipped with frequency inverter.


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